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February 17, 2009

A conference from Merlin Mann, with some great insights on creativity, and on how to get better at creative work : nothing less than sweat, sorry. This is so precise : "creativity is a way of understanding how things that may seem unrelated can actually be related."


January 16, 2008

Great example of brain power wasting from : NPD analysts make a report on kids and digital content, find out kids like to play.

Content out of context

January 6, 2008

David Lynch making a point on watching a movie on a mobile device, originally from the Inland Empire special edition, edited to fit the iPhone commercials theme.

Sure, you can't fully experience a great feature film watching it on a mobile device, you'd miss a lot of the emotions a movie can convey. But having the ability to read videos on the go can be great for other purposes than entertainment and art consumption, like getting informed or learning some skills.

Sottsass has gone

January 3, 2008

Only a few of the objects he designed would make it to my home because of their style and larger than necessary presence, but I've always appreciated the archetypal character of his production, his masterful sense of proportions and how he put back feelings, maybe poetry, into modern designs.

Every piece of his work I know of is a lesson ; what a sad thing to learn that the source has gone dry on monday.

Paul Rand

November 2, 2007

Nice Bioshock review

October 30, 2007

More fast swearing graphic game reviews here.

Eames live in 1956

October 11, 2007

On top of the pleasure to discover Charles and Ray Eames moving and talking, here are two quotes I found interesting, regarding the design practice :

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