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Sottsass has gone

January 3, 2008

Only a few of the objects he designed would make it to my home because of their style and larger than necessary presence, but I've always appreciated the archetypal character of his production, his masterful sense of proportions and how he put back feelings, maybe poetry, into modern designs.

Every piece of his work I know of is a lesson ; what a sad thing to learn that the source has gone dry on monday.

Enjoy some words he gave in an interview for back in 2000 :

"I truly believe that our duty as an architect or a designer is to design things which attract luck, rooms which protect people...

I don’t design things in any style, even less so in any fashion style,

I design things for life states."

"I think that the future doesn’t exist. What we think of today as the future isn’t the future. People are always afraid of the future, and the future has always been a disaster. Like the present is a disaster. But rhetoric about the future bothers me, because almost everything we do today we say we’re doing for the future. The future is here now, let’s try to get organized now. I don’t care about the future at all."

Q : my soul's present condition.

A : worried.

Q : the faults I can bear.

A : all of them.

Q : my motto.

A : be patient, calm, compassionate, knowing that existence is fleeting.

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