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March 2, 2008

version française.

The intent behind this site's content arrangement was to put the articles in the fore front while dimming the navigation links. The fact [1] is that most readers come here to read one and only article, rather than browse through number of pages. Optimizing the readability of the articles then seemed to be more important than providing a quick and easy way to navigate the site's content. It might be an error, but it's a compromise I thought was worth to implement and observe.

sketch of the AH file

The site is build as a file in which articles pile up bottom to top. Opening the file lets you see the three last articles, and to get more content you have to get to the table of content, by clicking on the page's header or on the artificial horizon icon after the article(s). A list of links leading to more recent articles sits at the bottom of every page, easing the access to recent updates.

This table of contents page has the pro to provide a clearer display of more navigational links than it would be in a side column by the articles. The con : it's one click away from the index.html page, a single click that could be too much. I don't think it is, and I'd be interested to hear what you think about this format, if this compromise is worth it or not.

[1] from what I could see in the statistics provided by Mint.

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