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Touch gaming

March 7, 2008

Until thought control becomes accurate enough, physical interfaces will remain necessary to interact with video games. Consequently, these products can and should be considered as tangible objects, or more accurately, products experienced physically. The first contact one has with a video game is in fact with the controller of the platform it is played on.
This past year, casual gaming has had a huge boost in consumption while alternative controllers such as the Wiimote and Rock Band game accessories have attracted numerous gamers, novice and seasoned alike.
Would it be too adventurous to state that these two events are linked, that these new ways of controlling games (read : new ways of experiencing a video game product) have brought some much needed fresh air in this industry ? You'll see for yourself, but I assume it's the case. Details on their way, followed by some projections on the role multi-touch interfaces could play in casual gaming.

Less Nav

March 2, 2008

version française.

The intent behind this site's content arrangement was to put the articles in the fore front while dimming the navigation links. The fact [1] is that most readers come here to read one and only article, rather than browse through number of pages. Optimizing the readability of the articles then seemed to be more important than providing a quick and easy way to navigate the site's content. It might be an error, but it's a compromise I thought was worth to implement and observe.

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